About Me

Where does one to begin to describe themselves in a blog centered around their depression?

Every morning I wake up with the same feelings and sense of dread; its going to happen all over again.

Every day, I go through what feels the same cycles. The cycles of self-hate, feelings of worthlessness, emotional exhaustion, and suicidal thoughts.

Firstly, let me make it clear that suicidal thoughts are not always necessarily centered around the act of suicide; often, for me, they relate to a deep sense of worthlessness. They are thoughts like why am I alivewould it matter if I died, or why am I here?

Depression, as far as I personally have experienced it, is not simple to understand. Sometimes, when my family or friends ask me whats wrong or to explain why I am depressed I am left stumped.

I live with it every second of every day; and still, its a battle for me to understand myself or this sickness that is my constant companion.

So simply, to begin answering anything about me: I have no idea.