I am writing one of two final essays right now; its 3:00 a.m. and its due in a few days. Two exams after these essays, and I will have finally and officially completed my bloody bachelors.

I never could have imagined when starting university how exhausting it would be.

If I look at the evidence, I know I am not stupid; I got in to university, and despite how difficult it has been for me to focus and get through the days let alone the years of university, I have been getting through.

P’s Get Degrees.

But I feel like nothing has really sunk in. I am so unmotivated and unfocused, nothing is sticking. Writing the notes, essays and exams it sure looks like I know something, but generally it feels like I know nothing.

I am Jon Snow.


In case you’re wondering, yes.

I am procrastinating and avoiding this essay because I don’t want to fuck it up.


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